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BNHA Inspired Leather Keychain Fob

BNHA Inspired Leather Keychain Fob

 Want something a little more casual than the collars or the cuffs? How about a leather keychain!

All keychains are in a circular base that measures 2-3/8 inch wide by 3-1/4 inch tall (not including the split ring) made of 7oz veg tanned leather. All leatherwork is made by hand and will have some variation from what is shown in the sample photos.

  • Eraserhead (Aizawa Shota): A black background with a hand tooled scarf plus a paw print filled grey with silver hardware.
  • Present Mic (Hizashi Yamada): A black background with various notes filled red and yellow, with silver hardware
  • Hawks (Keigo Takami): A black background with 3 feathers filled in red "falling" and a gold edge with gold hardware (Can do silver instead of gold for manga colors upon request)
  • Small Hawks (Keigo Takami): A black background with 4 small curved feathers filled in red "falling" and a gold edge, gold hardware (Can do silver instead of gold for manga colors upon request)
  • Dabi: A purple slashed background with black detailing and silver lines near the rivet, turquoise flame lined with blue then black and gunmetal hardware, (Can do silver hardware upon request)
  • Miruko (Rumi Usagiyama): A purple background with a crescent moon painted white and outlined in gold with gold hardware
  • Endeavor (Enji Todoroki): A blue background with red/orange/yellow flames and silver hardware
  • FatGum (Taishiro Toyomitsu): A yellow background with two F's in white outlined in orange and a black oval based off his hoodie with silver hardware. (Concept art shown due to photo being blurry and sample being packed away, will update ASAP)
  • Ingenium (Tenya Iida): A blue background with hand tooled engines filled grey, hero name arching up top filled gold with a gold rivet and silver jumpring
  • Dynamight (Bakugo Katsuki): A green background with green line details, an orange X with black dots with a silver rivet and jumpring
  • Red Riot (Kirishima Eijiro): A red background with an arc of black painted gear design and an R with a gunmetal rivet and jumpring
  • Chargebolt (Denki Kaminari): A yellow background with a painted bold black lightening bolt and smaller painted white lightening crackles with a silver rivet and jumpring
  • Cellophane (Sero Hanata): A black background with painted details of shapes in yellow mimicking his shoulders and white portion mimicking the front of his suit with a gold rivet and jumpring
  • Pinky (Mina Ashido): A purple background with a yellow border and turquoise splatters with a gunmetal rivet and jumpring


All Might (Yagi Toshinori), Midnight (Nemuri Kayama)

* Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. All leatherwork is made to order by hand and is custom made by one person. Please allow at least 2-5 weeks processing and creating time before expecting shipment notification, refer to the current start date referred to on the main pages for current estimates start times. If rush order is needed please contact ahead of time to see if your deadline can be met. Please refer to FAQ for questions or contact via website or social media if question is unlisted.

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