Meet the Venom & Vice Team!

Welcome to Venom & vice folks and thank you for stopping by! Our logo was created by Bonetriloquist who can be found on IG and Twitter.


Meet Whiskey!

I'm Whiskey, the owner and creator of Venom & Vice (Formerly Whiskey Works). I am a queer transman in my early 30's who started this business when I was out of work during the start of the pandemic. I have found myself a day job since thankfully to cover the bills so my creation times have been lengthened but I hope to be able to drop down to part-time so I can focus more on the shop as it grows. I dabble in things from leatherwork, cross-stitching and embroidery, resin, jewelry stuff, and sewing everything from just accessories to full garments and costumes. Most work done on this shop is by me, with some help from my partner - Logan!

I can also be found on social media under the name WhiskeyTeaCos (IG, TT, and Twitter) for my cosplay and personal projects.


Meet Logan!

AKA Loch and Stone Jewelry!

Logan is Whiskey's boyfriend! He helps a lot with giving input on designing, cutting out fabric for textile pieces, as well as modeling collars and helping test the long term wear and tear on pieces. He loves crystals and has started making some jewelry pieces like beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more that are slowly being added to the shop! Due to the variety of his products you will find the most selection available in person at our markets.