Copy of FAQ

  • Do I have to have my package shipped to my legal/deadname?
Show AnswerNot at all! If it is safe for you to receive a package under another name just fill that out under shipping information. If it is not safe to get a package addressed to something besides your legal/dead name but you can receive the thank you note in another name feel free to let me know in the notes at checkout or by messaging me directly with your order number.



  • What payment methods do you accept?
Show AnswerThe website itself runs off Shopfy payments and accepts most cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. I do invoices for Customs via Paypal or Square, or I can create a custom private listing to link you to purchase and use the payment method of your choice.



  • Is shipping discreet?
Show AnswerYes. Priority orders are either shipped in USPS Small Flat Rate Boxes or USPS Padded Envelopes. First class orders are sent in manila envelopes with bubble wrap or plain small cardboard boxes. Inside is the thank you card and the items wrapped in tissue paper and other packing filler if needed. Bells will be separated from the collar and wrapped to reduce noise.



  • Where are you located?
Show AnswerCalifornia, USA. I try to be active as much as possible from 10am - 10pm PST but I do work a fulltime job so I am less active prior to 5:00pm. I tend to take every other weekend off at the moment from physical work to spend time with my partner, but will still be sporadically active online.



  • Where do you ship to?
Show AnswerCurrently my website offers standard shipping within the USA. Due to VATs I do not ship to the UK/Europe. Most other places in the world such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc, if you are interested please reach out to me with your address and I can estimate shipping for you and we can work out your order via invoice. I would prefer to only do priority international shipping outside of North America to ensure a speedy and insured shipping method.



  • Can I cancel my order? What is your refund/return policy?
Show AnswerCOLLARS/CHOKERS/CUFFS - While I would prefer orders to not be canceled due to everything being made to order, it is sometimes unavoidable. If I have NOT started on your order (preset style or custom) then we can do a full refund. If it was a pre-set style and I have already started it I can only do a partial refund for materials and unused work time on the piece. If it is a fully custom piece you will only receive an unused time refund as the used materials likely cannot be used for another order. I do not accept returns or do exchanges for collars/chokers/cuffs as all items are custom made. If an order arrives damaged or incorrect please contact me ASAP as we can work things out from there. 


​            B: KEYCHAINS/MASKS/TEXTILES: Cancelations are accepted up to the point of shipment, and I can only do refunds (minus shipping cost) for masks after it has been shipped if you refuse or Return to Sender the package. If the package containing a mask has been opened I have no way of confirming the item is re-sellable and therefore cannot exchange/refund.



  • How do I measure for my collar? My cuff?
Show AnswerEasiest way is with a tailor's measuring tape/fabric measuring tape. Wrap around your neck, loose enough to comfortably fit 2 fingers, and make note of the inches there. Best done to the closest inch or half inch if between sizes. Please be sure of a comfortable fit for choker styles since they close with snaps and have no wiggle room unlike a buckle closed collar. Same for wrist, just 1 finger wiggle room is usually good, and be sure it is a comfortable fit. Video tutorial coming soon to website under How To's, TikTok and Instagram for reference.



  • How long can you make your collars? Is there an extra charge?
Show AnswerSince all are custom made I can technically do any length or width. So far I've made as small as 13 inches and as large as 23 inches. With the hide I purchase I can make a collar as long as 22 inches, closed to the middle hole, at no extra charge! Longer than that requires a special leather order so it may delay your place in the queue but is no extra charge.



  • How far apart are the holes for the buckle closed collars?
Show AnswerEach hole is approx. 1/2" apart. The center hole will be the measurement given so it can be made a little snugger or looser.



  • How long until my order is ready?
Show AnswerDepends on the current queue and the item/difficulty. Typical processing time is 2-4 weeks before shipping, longer if my queue is heavy. I tend to do things in batches of 3-6 depending on complexity and size of orders. After I confirm an order I will add it to my Trello Board and you can check there for your name and I will add notes of major updates/steps completed to your card. Please note that picking "Priority Shipping" for cuff only orders will not expedite your order creation in any way, that is only the shipping option and has no effect on queue and processing time.



  • How many keys come with the lock chokers?
Show Answer1 (one) key comes with each lock. I am looking into sourcing spares for cheaper but at this time the only way to obtain an additional key is to take it from another lock. If you would like a spare please make sure to purchase a spare under Extras, otherwise your collar will only come with 1 (one) key.



  • I'm interested in your upcoming apparel! What sizes will you be offering?
Show AnswerI aim to be as inclusive as possible, if possible, but it will take some time. My hope is to carry XS-5XL unisex, but since I will be having to swap to searching for a manufacturer instead of making them myself for shirts due to time and space, I may need to start with a smaller size pool or pre-orders.



  • What is the "waitlist" for the sleeveless hoodies? How does it work?
Show AnswerThe waitlist is my answer to an easier to manage queue essentially versus just having the listings on the website and closing them when I reach a certain number of orders. Since I want to try and be very size inclusive, and with Covid still being a thing that is messing with manufacturing and production, I will be making all sleeveless hoodies by hand for now by myself (maybe with help from my boyfriend with cutting things out). How it will go will be -The waitlist will open with a certain number of slots (probably 5-10 for the first round to start and just see how it goes) then close. Once closed I will go through the list, double check sizing/measurement and give an invoice or special listing to the first few people, collect payment to order supplies, make those first few orders, contact the next few people on the list, rinse and repeat until the waitlist is emptied, and then reopen it. Please do not join the waitlist unless you have the funds set aside, you must be ready to pay when your spot in the waitlist comes up or your spot if forfeit and you will have to sign up again when it opens next.