Care Guide


  • Leather products are water resistant, but NOT water proof. Sweat, light rain/mist, etc are okay but please dry as soon as possible. Do NOT submerge in water. This includes: showering/bathing, swimming, waterparks, and playing at the beach/lake/river.
  • Spot clean if needed with lightly damp cloth and dry
  • Collars are not meant for 24/7 wear, please loosen or take breaks when wearing for long periods of time, especially unlined pieces.
  • Cuffs are not meant for 24/7 wear, please take breaks and remove after several hours
  • Keychains are coated in a resist as well as my normal sealing process to take a bit more of a beating from the elements. Still try and keep as dry as possible or dry asap after a heavy rain/other inclement weather



  • Please wash anything with HTV on gentle cycle in cold/warm and dry on gentle with low heat or hang/air dry
  • If a mask with a filter pocket is bought please be sure to remove the filter prior to washing
  • If the vinyl on your item is lifting after washing/drying use a pressing cloth (any piece of cotton or cotton blend material) and iron on cotton setting to seal it back down by pressing firmly for several seconds and letting it cool. If you are having repeated issues even on cold wash with air drying please reach out ASAP.